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3D Technology Teaching and Learning Symposium for Humanities Practitioners to be held at Carnegie Mellon University in Spring 2019

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) recently funded the conference proposal, “Immersive Pedagogy: A Symposium on Teaching and Learning with 3D, Augmented and Virtual Reality.” This symposium will assemble specialists in immersive technology for education to theorize and design pedagogical material that addresses critical and practical needs in higher education across the disciplines in the humanities. The project team will prioritize incubating projects focused in US Latinx, Latin American, and Caribbean Studies, but will also consider how 3D/XR technologies and data curation intersect with critical methodologies deriving from studies of cultural heritage, minority archives, race and ethnicity, women of color and feminist theory, community outreach, public humanities, and accessibility. Pedagogical material produced by the symposium participants will be made freely available to the public.

“Immersive Pedagogy” is scheduled to take place at Carnegie Mellon University in June 27th and 28th, 2019.

The project team and grant facilitators include a series of CLIR postdoctoral fellows: Dr. Lorena Gauthereau (University of Houston), Dr. Eric Kaltman (Carnegie Mellon University), Dr. Jessica C. Linker (Bryn Mawr College), Dr. Emma Slayton (Carnegie Mellon University), Dr. Neil Weijer (Johns Hopkins University), Dr. Alex Wermer-Colan (Temple University), and Dr. Chris Young (University of Toronto)

Registration for the conference is currently closed. However, we encourage you to attend our keynote lectures which are open to the public.